About Us

Armstrong, a name known in Australia for over thirty years. For providing equipment, specialised knowledge, and outstanding before and after sales service.
Steam & Engineering known for over 15 years in Australia A local company with local knowledge. A team of people dedic providing our clients with the ideal mix of product, price, service an Australian know-how.

The merging of two Australian companies ready to take on the multi-national conglomerates with company philosophies akin to “you will buy from us because you have no choice”.
A company where common sense solutions for your process situations are our first priority. A company that makes no compromise in quality, yet truly understands your budget requirements, we tailor a solution to suit your budget and livery time constraints.

A company where the “buck” stops with the owners and not with a third level executive, too scared to make a decision. Please spend a little time looking more closely at what we can do to help your business to become more efficient and cost effective in your use of steam and other process inputs.

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We appreciate your feedback and comments on please let us know if this site has been of assistance to you. There is a lifetime of knowledge stored on this site, if you can’t find what you are seeking please phone or email, we vvill be happy to share some of our knowledge with you.